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Vennila is a first-year student aspiring to be an IAS officer. When her father compels her to marry after finishing high school, she leaves with the help of her mother. She enrols in the Meenakshi Shivanandham college, which is owned and run by Sharadha’s in-laws, with the assistance of her former instructor Sharadha. Vennila’s struggle for the right to study at college is depicted in the novel, as her pursuit of education is met with hostility from both Sharadha’s in-laws and members of her own family. She overcomes each difficulty that is in her way with the support of her college friends and Surya, her Economics professor and Sharadha’s estranged son. Vennila and Surya gradually but inexorably fall in love with each other.

Kaatrukkenna Veli
Written byLeena Gangopadhyay (Dialogues)
Sangeetha Mohan
D.J. Dhanajayan
Directed byFrancis Kathiravan (2021-2022)
Chandrasekar V (2022)
Harish Adithya (2022-present)
Creative directorRamesh D. Aravind
StarringPriyanka Kumar
Swaminathan Anantharaman